Motherhood induced chillness

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that planning and I have a complicated relationship. I like order but along with the beautiful perks of motherhood came this ultra-thin patience level. When we got Happy, our 2-year-old puppy-son, both my husband and I discovered this brand new sense of patience. We liked it. He made us calmer and we had this ‘so what?’ attitude to most things. They said it will only get better after a child. Nope! It didn’t. I think we got a different version of it all. We are calmer, as we were when Happy came into our lives but with our baby, we’ve learned to choose our battles. If it’s not affecting our day, then we will hardly bother about it but if it is affecting our immediate circumstances, then, boy o boy! As you can see, the status of my relationship with planning, order, and patience is complicated.  Continue reading


Five brothers

One thing I love about traveling other than exploring a new place is to meet new people. I started traveling actively since 2013 – solo or in a group. Each time I went to a new place, I indulged in their food, culture, and their must-see places like any typical tourist but over time, I have come to realize that in addition to all those wonderful things, a place becomes what it is because of its people. Continue reading