Top FREE Apps for Mumsies


TMI alert! There is just too much information out there on topics like pregnancy and parenthood. If you think about it, there is just too much information about anything and everything out there. Now, that’s a problem. As if peoples’ unsolicited advice wasn’t enough, right?

There are plenty of apps and books in the market. I used to read-up a lot during the first few months of my pregnancy and obviously, I ended up being totally stressed out and anxious. It was exhausting too. One of the best pregnancy advices I got was, “don’t read too much, you will drive yourself crazy.” I tried that for a week and it was simply magical. I learned to embrace the ‘less is more’ policy and trust me, it helped me so much when it came to my mommy information bank – saved a lot of my time, kept me entertained and informed, it was free, and it was all just a click (touch) away. My choice of sources is twofold- How reliable is the source? And how inclusively is the research done?

With the motto, ‘less is more’ in mind, here are my top FREE mumsy app recommendations ranging from pregnancy to baby-care:

1. Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro

Image result for baby bump pregnancy pro

This is my favorite baby tracking app so far. I tried a bunch of apps during my first trimester and eventually ended up with just this one through my pregnancy and post-partum as well. The information is 99% accurate and the countdown-timeline feature is my favorite.

2. Baby Sleep Instant


I cannot tell you how much we love this app. The variety of sounds is just amazing. I particularly love the classic music box and Utero (it replicates the sounds of the womb). Coming from my firsthand experience, I’d say it has pretty neat pacifying abilities. I also like how they have a timer you can set up and not worry about turning it off.

3. WebMD Baby


This is by far, one of the two only and best post-partum Apps I have on my phone. I absolutely love the fact that each of their articles is approved by a pediatrician and also has citations. Their wide range of categories are easy to browse. My husband likes their ‘Just for Dads’ feature.

4. Babycenter- Parenthood

Image result for parenthood by babycenter

This is another post-baby App that I like. It has a more personal blog kind of a format with lots of communities and groups you could join. Think about the strangest thing you want to talk to someone about, chances are, there will be at least 1 other mom in similar circumstances. Also, this app goes all the way up to teen ages.

5. Winnie

This is the latest App I have that helps me track outdoor activities I can do with my baby alone or with family. It has lots of info and suggestions on all the local baby-friendly places. We’ve been to a couple of beaches, restaurants, and parks after we saw they were on the baby-friendly list. We weren’t disappointed.

So, these are the only mommy-apps I have on my phone and I am pretty happy with them. I hope you enjoyed the post.

Let me know, what your favorite apps are? Am I missing out on something cool?

Love and mumspire,

[This is not a sponsored post. This is not the “right” way either. The above content is driven solely from personal experience. For any questions or concerns, write @] 


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