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Welcome to the Mumsyland, my beautiful and strong creators. This is a judgement-free place for mothers – new moms, expectant moms, experienced moms and pretty much¬†anyone who is interested in this magical world. This is where you can embrace your imperfections and the glorious clumsy mess that you are, and work towards being happy, all at the same time. I am Pooja, the admin of this awesome group and an organic mumsy. Who here has a clear clue about what they’re doing? I know it’s not me. I am a clumsy mummy. Although, I am a proud mama to a happy 1-year-old beautiful baby boy and I also call myself a dog-mom of a 2-year-old cutie-patootie. I live in Los Angeles with my pack of boys.

Abiding by the Mumsy Code, Mumsyland is a collection of blogs, ideas, Q/A, conversations, and much more. I hereby invite you to join me and participate in supporting each other and building a strong positive community, aka Mumsyland, where we all can learn a bit from each other, share wisdom, sometimes a recipe or a mom-hack and share a laugh or two.

Let’s get stronger together. Let’s learn together. Most importantly, let’s support each other towards happiness and success and be the best version of ourselves.

Mumspiration mantra => Explore – Learn – Share – Participate – Connect – Have fun!

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