Mum Says

Mum Says or #Mumsays is an area of this community where a weekly or daily post or question will be posted and all mummies would share their own respective thoughts and wisdom. The prompts would contain a variety of topics ranging from baby-life, toddler-life, mom-life, partner-life, marriage, relationship, intimacy, social activities, things to do, and so on. Most of the comments or the top 15 comments will be shared in the form of a condensed post exhibiting the beauty of difference of opinion.

Prompts will be shared here, on Facebook, and/or on Instagram with details on the how-to post to get featured in this area. Usually tagging Mumsyland (on Facebook) or using the hashtag #Mumsays #mumsyland (on Instagram) would work best.

I assure you will see the beauty of difference of opinion and you will embrace all our unique forms of love-languages for our little ones.

Have fun,

Happy Mum Says!
A happy difference of opinion!

– Mumsy