Mumsy Code

Keeping the ultimate objective of enhancing support and empowering each other through a judgment-free space, here is the Mumsy Code all participants of this network MUST keep in mind before participating:

  1. Nothing in this world is PERFECT.
  2. There is NO right or wrong, everything is different. To each mum, their own.
  3. It is important to recognize that every mum has a different love language towards their little ones. It is not necessary for your languages to match exactly for you to give some Mumspiration.
  4. Don’t say “it’s easy” or “Omg, you don’t know this…” when a mum is venting out or struggling with something. Be supportive.
  5. Common sense may not be common. What makes common sense for you does not necessarily make common sense for someone else.
  6. Be open to agree to disagree recognizing that our opinions are absolutely subjective.
  7. Tearing each other apart in any form – passive aggression, sarcasm, indirect taunts will NOT be entertained.
  8. Having said that, you are free to express yourself truly (if you want to) but let’s try to be civil in our language and actions.
  9. Share your experiences in a way that does not put someone down or prove them ‘wrong’.
  10. Explore – Learn – Share – Participate – Connect – Have fun!

Remember: You are extraordinary. You are doing the best you can right now, so is every mum. I am so proud of you.